49 Cherry Street, Kingston, Ontario
The Tiniest Gallery
Current Show

Current Show

June 2024


Judy Durocher

June 2024


Past shows in the Tiniest Gallery

Wagtails and Pipits

by Commander A.M. Hughes

Brian's Record Option

by Tully

Untitled Koala

by Audrey McLean


by Nancy McIntosh

Market Man

by Wayne Westfall

East End Field with Orange

by Ben Darrah

In Blue on Green

by Mark William Laundry

Staple Rain

by Felix Bander


by Melodie Papp


by Chesty Wilson

Cloud 9

by Ian Kennedy

Organized Sharks

by Marisa Sandlin

Birds of Kingston: Lady Sparrow

by Chantal Rousseau

In a Boat

by Samantha Purdy

Harris Lake, Near Parry Sound

by Roy Timm

Store Famous

by Allison Chisholm


by Michael e. Casteel


by Mark Chamberlin


by Marco Petrovski


by Team Macho

St. John's Zig Zag

by Doug Bird

Jasper Triptych with Sun

Meagan Berlin

At Your Own Risk

Matt Shepherd

A Tiny Break!

The Tiniest Gallery

Left Art

by James Duncan

Anju Datta Photo

by Jonathan Sugarman


by WestridgeArt


by Deborah Twiddy


by the Stick Kid

Local Business

by Benjamin Nelson

Horse Moments

by Sian Watson


by Cathie Hamilton

good with his heart

by Heidi Mack

Morning Glory

by Anthony Buttazzoni

Summer Day

by Macie

If Evil Is Contagious, So Is Goodness

by Tony Taylor

I Can't Believe...

by Ashley King

Fashion Illustration #1

by Emily Harmsen

Bridge Over the Tay River

by Shawna Caspi

With Xmas Best Wishes

Artist Unknown

On the Rail Fence

Ken Danby

A Wild Imagination

Ashley King

Tippy Cake

Nancy McIntosh

After A Little While...

Clelia Scala

What A Pear!

Laura Lee Moreland

Fitting In

Keleigh Korteweg

Unimagined Hour

Mathew "Ordo" Nagendran

Little Miss Muffet

Isaac Gillis

Skull & Snails

Chantal Rousseau


Wendy Fahey & Cecilia Stewart


Laura Kingsbury


Peruvian Nazca Indigenous Art

Print; reproduction from Handbook to Regular Patterns by Peter S. Stevens

Market Man

Wayne Westfall

Print; reproduction of original watercolour

Fort Henry

Jack Chiang

Photo from Jack Chiang book of photographs; Images of Kingston (Quarry Press)

A Bird we Named Hector

Artist Unknown

Metal Bird

Felt Art

Sue Steffes

Felt on Greeting Card

Drusilla & Ozzy

Jenny Grant

Ink on Paper (Tattoo Design)


Jo Roberts


Monarch Voyage

Claudia Zilstra



Nicole Strangman

Acrylic on Canvas

Shy Kitty

D.C. Caesar


Joy is Everywhere

Delaney Liesen

Photo collage

November 5, 1933

Eric Ravilious

Calendar Print


Jen White


The Fishing Hut

Hanna Barczyk

Letterpress Print

Watercolour 10

Kathleen Dempsey


imagination to power

Posy Legge


Lay on, MacDuff

Anne Finlay


Menu Series

Jennifer Roche-Brown

Text-Based Art


Sheila Wright

Acrylic on Canvas

At Their Doorstep

Nancy Douglas


Eve of St. Agnes

Alan Taylor



Kass Ilagan

Photo & Digital

Winter Scenes

Gloria Wood

Paint on Stone

Good Pals

James Duncan

Ink and Watercolour


Nell Casson


Down by the River

Alyn Stirk


Here Comes the Sun

Herman Kaur



Alex Old


In the Union Gallery


Public Art Exhibition

Untitled (For Now)

Lauren Hare

Liquid glass on birch


Nenagh Hathaway


Cognitive Dissonance

Mary Kate Noseworthy

Mixed Media

The Blue Vase

Irene Castellano


tuxedo cat

Tuxedo Glance

Karen Lahey


Wooden church and exterior display


The Wood Shepherd


Wooden church and exterior display


Jasper Lyon Wicke


Wooden church and exterior display

Untitled (Cat Witch)

Julianna Brazill


Raccoons planning an overthrow

Join the Raccoon Revolution

Soft Trash Studio


Chip Stand

Country Cabin Chip Hut

Chantal Bennett and Joel Kimmel


Chicken Medallion

Tracy Davidson


From Above

Skull Studio



Kid Icarus



Judy Durocher



Stuff about the gallery.

What's the deal with this tiny gallery?

Well, I love this neighbourhood, and art (although I don't have a lick of talent myself), and wanted to showcase some local artists while doing something to add to the cool little libraries and gardens you find around here. So I thought it'd be fun to make a single-piece, frequent-rotation gallery to showcase Kingston, or at least Canadian, artists.

This is, to my knowledge, the smallest art gallery on Earth. I can't say I've done a lot of research on it. There are other publicly funded, curated "public art" projects out there that have put art into public spaces on an ad hoc basis in the past, but if there's a smaller dedicated gallery space in the world, I'm not aware of it.

Do you only show local, original art?

Well, I prefer to show original pieces by local artists, but I buy prints from local "real" galleries, and have even been known to buy Canadian art books on the cheap to pull prints out of.

How large can gallery pieces be?

The gallery is built to (ideally) accommodate up to an 8.5 x 11 inch piece in "portrait" orientation, but anything smaller works, as do slightly larger pieces. I've been able to do some sculpture and other things in the box as well. Having hanging hardware in the back of the piece already is helpful.

Why, I have art to display, or know an artist who would love to be in the Tiniest Gallery!

That's not a question, but I see where you're going with this. Email me at this here address. I can't guarantee anything -- I have some things booked months in advance, and reserve the right to choose what goes in there without further comment.

It's very important to understand that this is an unsupervised, public-facing gallery that has already been vandalized once, and probably will be again. Art makes some people super mad. I can't figure it out. Anyway, I cannot guarantee that submitted work won't be subject to human, weather-related or architectural disasters. I certainly will do my best to keep works safe, but this ain't the Louvre.

How do I get in touch about media stuff?

See the email address above. I gotta say that I'm kind of digging having people discover this through word of mouth and stumbling across it, so I'm not actively seeking any broad attention at this point.